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Happy Birthday Gemma!


The very happiest of birthdays to awesome human being, dear friend and regular collaborator Gemma Laurelle, who celebrated her birthday recently.

Here’s to this year being far better than the last, even with her incredible ability to find the positive in situations like 2020.

Now, because Gemma’s the kind of person who gives you presents on her birthday, I’ve popped the trailer for Per Aspera below. You can find Gemma’s work in there alongside folks like Phil Lamarr and Troy Baker, punching her weight and delivering awesomeness. I’ve been playing it since streaming it Friday night, and it’s incredibly chill and addictive. It’s not just the pull to optimize things, and all the information the game slowly builds you up to comprehending, it’s also the hook of a strong narrative and wanting to see what happens next.


You can find more information on the page for the trailer, and the game can be grabbed via Steam or GOG.