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Stuff You Might Find Helpful


Hey lovely people! I’ve been busy beavering away on Navy Boards so things have been a little quiet over here. Good things happening, but I’m struggling to find a balance when it comes to sharing things so that it doesn’t feel like shouting into an already thunderous din.

Here’s some recommendations that might help improve your COVID-19 world.

My amazing personal trainer Stuart McDonald is open to taking on more remote clients currently. My latest workout regimen was assigned completely remotely, and it was a buttery smooth process. I’ve been working with him for years, and he’s incredibly patient, compassionate and supportive. Incredibly knowledgeable in his field too, and always building on that body of knowledge. Hit him up at his website to talk more.

If you’re working in a creative field and are looking for some solid, non-scammy advice on how to build your cashflow in these very challenging times, Kristine Oller has launched a course and some great free materials around Creating Cashflow. Kristine is someone I’ve worked with for nearly ten years now, and trust implicitly. Check her out if you feel that would answer questions you’re having right now.

When I’ve been in the mood for some strong cyberpunk vibes, I’ve been listening to Neon Wet Streets by Inshishnu - give it a listen and if it’s up your rain-slicked alley, you can grab it over on bandcamp.

Stay safe, stay well. We’ll see the other side of all of this.